Yeronga Loses Landmark Cafe Amidst Lease Dispute

Andonis Cafè & Bar in Yeronga

Yeronga is saying farewell to a beloved local institution as Andonis Cafe and Bar, a cornerstone of the community, closes its doors after a six-year tenure.

Owner Anthony Kekkou, who launched the cafe in 2017 as his inaugural venture, cited a disagreement over operating hours as the primary reason for the closure.

Kekkou expressed his displeasure with the $16,000 fine the Brisbane City Council imposed for violating the permitted trading hours. The cafe was permitted to open at 7:00 a.m., but Kekkou claims he was unaware of this restriction when signing the lease, believing the opening time to be 6:00 a.m. 

Subsequent attempts to negotiate a change in hours with the Council were unsuccessful.

Adonis Cafe in Yeronga
Photo Credit: Google Map/ Kamila Mendonca

Following appeals from locals worried about noise and other disruptions, a Brisbane City Council spokesperson clarified that a court order set the cafe’s operating hours. Any modifications to these hours would necessitate court approval, not simply Council consent.

Adonis Cafe in Yeronga
Photo Credit: Andonis Cafè & Bar

Despite the unfortunate closure, Kekkou reflected fondly on the Yeronga location, acknowledging its significance as the longest-standing cafe in the area and the birthplace of the Andonis brand. 

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He expressed deep gratitude to the loyal staff and customers who supported the cafe through challenging times.

Photo Credit: Andonis Cafè & Bar

The closure of the Yeronga branch is not the end for Andonis. The cafe group, with seven existing locations across Brisbane, has ambitious plans for expansion. 

Their latest venture in Mount Gravatt is set to open in the coming weeks, and an additional 13 locations are slated for development over the next two years.

Published Date 20-May-2024