Third Time’s the Charm: Taco Bell Finally Opens in Annerley, Draws Positive Reactions

Photo credit: AWOL

After 17 years, Taco Bell is back in Australia. With the opening of their store in Annerley, their first in Queensland, Taco Bell is making some major noise as their comeback draws mixed reactions from locals. However, most of the locals still seem to be fans of the fast food chain.

Last week, over 50 people camped outside the restaurant ahead of its 9:00 a.m. ribbon-cutting. You might think that locals have it easy considering that they live within the area. However, you will be surprised that a fan from Melbourne even flew to Annerley for this opening.

This is Taco Bell’s third shot at cracking the Australian market for Mexican fastfood. The restaurant encountered some hiccups during its construction. It even reached the point where a possible delay was seen due to the Queensland storms. Luckily, the restaurant managed to push through with their plans with only minor hitches to their timetable.

The first 62 customers during the opening got some free Taco Bell merchandise, while the first 1000 customers were eligible to join the draw for a chance to win free Taco Bell for an entire year.

Judging from the majority of the reactions from the people who have waited and visited the opening of the American fast food chain, it looks like the third time will finally be the charm.