Student Accommodation Complex Planned for Annerley

25 Duke St Annerley
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Developers have lodged plans for a 67-unit student accommodation complex at on Duke Street in Annerley, promising a modern living hub for the area’s tertiary scholars.

Duke St Annerley
Photo Credit: DA A006427969

The proposal (DA A006427969), led by Elevation Architecture, aims to construct a 67-unit, three-story residential building for student housing, replacing the current multi-family homes on the 1,663-square-meter site zoned for low-medium density residential use.

The proposed project entails the construction of a basement car park equipped with 40 spaces for cars and bicycles. The car park would be accessible through Duke Street, fulfilling the needs of the students who would be residing in the development. 

Duke St Annerley
Photo Credit: DA A006427969

Moreover, the development features 158.2 square metres of communal areas distributed across all levels. These areas include indoor recreation and dining facilities as well as outdoor spaces.

The proposal’s breakdown reveals a 2,159.1-square-metre gross floor area (GFA), with a site cover of 986.4 square metres (59.3%) over the subject site. Other key features include 10% deep planting, refuse storage, and collection facilities.

Viva Property Group, the planners behind the project, have sought to allay concerns about the development’s scale and bulk.

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“The development is vigilantly planned so as to provide some articulation to facades, pitched roof forms, and variation of materials as well as finishes across the site so as to decrease perceived building scale and bulk.”

Photo Credit: DA A006427969

However, residents in the area have filed submissions opposing the project. 

“67 units PLUS a manager’s unit will be built. It is entirely probable that 100+ people could live on this parcel of land. The sheer density of this proposed development does definitely not suit an LMR2 zoned area. By any description, the number of proposed residents on this allotment this would be a HIGH DENSITY development,” One local wrote.

“Ideally this development would not go ahead in its current form, but if it is approved there must be screening installed OR the units reorientated so that the apartment bathrooms are facing the western side so people’s living area is not overlooking and looking into my private space,” the local added.

“The addition of 67 accommodation units will transform the area into a hotel-like setting, and the current parking infrastructure is insufficient to support this influx. Additionally, a three-story building will obstruct sunlight and natural light access to surrounding houses,” another concerned resident said.

“The proposed development could have adverse effects on the quality of life for residents in the area. The increased traffic congestion, noise pollution are major concerns.” 

“Bird life, particularly Bush Turkeys, has been a longstanding presence in the Duke Street premises, spanning at least the 17 years I’ve resided in the neighbouring property. Generations of Bush Turkeys have made our local backyards their habitat and nesting grounds, with a mound at the rear of the Duke Street premises likely existing for over 20 years,” a neighbour in the area stated.

“There are also huge tropical fruit trees (lychee and mango) and other trees on these lots that are decades old. These trees are where native birds have nested for years and possums have lived for generations. There has been no consideration of the current ecosystem in the DA. These trees will be destroyed if this development is approved by Council therefore destroying the habitat of the local wildlife.” 

Published 10-May-2024