Safety Upgrades Needed as Truck Movements to Increase in Cornwall St

safety upgrades
Photo Credit: Pixabay

A petition has been lodged for the inclusion of safety upgrades on Cornwall Street and Kent Street in Annerley in preparation for the increase in truck movements due to the revised Cross River Rail plan. 

The trucks could potentially endanger the lives of the residents. Thus, Councillor Nicole Johnston set up the petition as Council is set to do roadworks to widen the said streets. 

As of press time, the petition has 177 signatures.

Apparently, the road widening and truck rerouting proposal do not include any pedestrian or cycling facilities to provide a safe crossway for children, cyclists and commuters accessing the Dutton Park Rail Station.  

“We need to keep pedestrians safe at the corner of Annerley Rd and Cornwall St near Dutton Park Rail Station,” Ms Johnston said. “With a new high school opening next year, even more people (especially children) will be on foot through this busy area that has no safe crossing point.”  

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

As of the end of November, the Council has implemented traffic changes in the affected Annerley areas. 

Kent Street will be one-way from Cornwall to O’Keefe streets for all types of vehicles. 

Other changes will soon follow, to include: 

  • Temporarily extending the existing Kent Street shared user path to Cornwall Street, improving connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Installing a temporary kerb on Kent Street to delineate the extended shared user path
  • Changing carpark access on Kent Street to right-in and right-out only
  • Removal of old and installing new line marking and traffic signage
  • Removal of the taxi zone on the corner of Cornwall and Kent streets near Dutton Park Station.
  • Taxis are to use the loading zone on the other side of Kent Street and Cornwall Street

For questions and comments about the safety upgrades or traffic changes due to the Cross River Rail project, locals may phone 1800 010 875.