Safety Upgrades on Ponsonby Street Intersection to Start Late 2020

safety upgrade
Photo Credit: Google Maps

A number of road safety upgrades on the intersections of Ponsonby Street, Ipswich Road and Junction Terrace will be undertaken in late 2020. The Council, with the help of the federal government, has set aside $1.9 million for this project as part of the Black Spot Program. 

About 13 crashes have been reported in these intersections between July 2013 and May 2020, resulting in various victims’ hospitalisation and medical treatments. Traffic turning from Ponsonby Street or Junction Terrace was determined as the major cause of these accidents.

Council plans to improve traffic movements in these accident-prone spots by making much-needed changes. The safety upgrades will include these measures below, per the Brisbane City Council

  • new traffic lights at the intersection with controlled pedestrian crossing facilities
  • converting the eastern end of Ponsonby Street to one-way access from Ipswich Road and Junction Terrace
  • installing a traffic island on Ponsonby Street
  • converting the existing left-hand southbound lane from left-turn lane only (buses excepted) to a left and through lane
  • extending the existing right-turn pockets on Ipswich Road into Ponsonby Street and Junction Terrace
  • removing the existing bus stop on the eastern side of Ipswich Road
  • removing 16 on-street car parks on Ipswich Road, Ponsonby Street and Junction Terrace
  • removing one street tree. Replanting will be offset in accordance with Council policies and relevant legislative requirements
  • road resurfacing, new kerb and channel and footpath connections, line marking, minor landscaping and turfing. 

Work on these safety upgrades will begin by late 2020 and by early 2021. Residents will be informed of the exact date before the construction starts. 

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

As a result of these changes, access to a part of Ponsonby Street will also be converted into a one-way street (westbound from Ipswich Road to the first driveway on Ponsonby Street – 385 Ipswich Road). 

“Some of the safety improvements will include installing traffic signals at this intersection and converting the eastern end of Ponsonby Street to one-way access from Ipswich Road to Junction Terrace,” Infrastructure Chair David McLachlan announced

“This infrastructure can significantly reduce the risk of accidents in the future and ensure everyone can get home safely to their loved ones.”

For questions and feedback about this plan, locals are encouraged to phone 1800 669 416 (during business hours) or 07 3403 8888 (outside business hours).