Petition Pushes for Ipswich Rd Bus Lanes to Ease Congestion

Bus lanes
Woolloongabba station (Photo Credit: Chitransh Shrivarastava/Google Maps)

A group of locals has started a petition calling for dedicated bus lanes to be installed along Ipswich Rd between Woolloongabba and Moorooka Station. The petitioners believe dedicated lanes would reduce traffic congestion and greatly improve public transportation in the area.

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The principal petitioner, Abraham O’Neill of Annerley, argues that buses should not be stuck in traffic along the busy thoroughfare. 

“Ipswich Rd should work like a busway, with dedicated bus lanes 24 hours per day, buses every 5-10 minutes, and comfortable places to wait in the shade,” he said.

Ipswich Rd (Photo credit: Google Street View)

Mr O’Neill wants to give more locals the option to leave their cars at home and reliably catch the bus instead. He believes faster, high-frequency bus routes would benefit thousands of residents in over a dozen suburbs, including Acacia Ridge, Annerley, Durack, Dutton Park, that rely on buses along the corridor.

The petitioners note Ipswich Rd is currently designed to prioritise private car traffic, resulting in near-constant congestion and pollution. 

Photo credit: Bibek Bhattarai/Google Maps

They argue re-allocating road space from mixed traffic to dedicated transit lanes would “start to make a change” in the area. It would also allow the same bus funding to support more frequent service since buses wouldn’t waste time stuck behind cars.

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“Brisbane is growing, and unless we dramatically improve public transport, traffic congestion will get worse and worse. Road transport including private cars is the fastest-growing source of carbon pollution in Australia, which means public transport is also a powerful form of climate action,” said Mr O’Neill. 

“Creating bus lanes would be an opportunity to make the road safer for pedestrians and people riding bikes and scooters, including removing uncontrolled slip lanes and adding protected bike lanes or wide shared paths,” he added. 

He also suggested creating two lanes for buses and four remaining lanes for private vehicles along most of Ipswich Rd’s five to seven lane stretch between Woolloongabba and Moorooka. The petitioners agreed wider bus shelters should also be installed to provide shade.

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The petition, which will close in February 2024, is steadily gathering support as locals seek solutions for Ipswich Rd’s traffic woes. The Brisbane City Council has not yet commented on the feasibility of the bus lane proposal.

Published 7-December-2023