Online Petition to Lower Hospital Parking Fees Granted, Princess Alexandra Near Annerley Expected to Make Changes Soon

Photo credit: Annerley Motor Inn

Hospitals in Queensland have been clobbered by patients complaining about skyrocketing parking fees. These patients point out that they pay more to park at hospitals than at the airport.

A health support worker, Justine Christerson, campaigned to lower the parking fees by launching an online petition. The Queensland Government took this into consideration and has now ordered hospitals in the state to adjust their parking fees.


Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Two Car Parks

Patients from Annerley have been complaining about the parking fees at the Princess Alexandra Hospital as well. The hospital is close to the suburb, which is why most of the residents in Annerley come here for their check-ups and treatments. Ms Christerson has cited the hospital as one of her examples on her online petition. Along with that are the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Mater, and the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital has two privately operated car parks close to the hospital. There is no on-site parking available. The Metro Parking multi-storey car park on the corner of Ipswich Road and O’Keefe Street parking rate starts at $4.20 for 30 minutes.

Another parking is the PA Parking multi-storey car park on Ipswich Road, just across the hospital. It charges $4 for 30 minutes.You can view their current parking price list here.

With these high prices, it’s understandable why Annerley patients would complain.


Changes in Hospital Parking Fees & Framework are Coming

The online petition garnered 16,807 supporters. Following the success of her online petition. Mrs Christerson is happy that the State Government has granted their request.

Last year, Health Minister Cameron Dick asked the Health Department to talk to health services on possibly making a new parking framework for hospitals.

Based on the State Government’s directive issued on 1 July 2017, all public hospitals and health services must come up with a local policy to make parking more accessible and affordable for patients, carers, visitors and hospital staff. A separate policy must also be created to cover the safety of hospital staff coming in or out of the parking areas between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

The public hospitals must develop the parking concession policy by 1 October 2017 and the local staff parking policy by 31 December 2017.