New Supermarket Proposed for Ipswich Road In Annerley

coles annerley

Annerley might score a new neighbourhood centre with space for a new supermarket, liquor store and offices.

Located on the corner of Ipswich Rd and Aubigny St, the subject site is within a low medium density residential zone comprised of two or three-storey houses. It currently houses a pre-1946 dwelling house which will be preserved and converted into a special purpose zone.

Designed by POWE Architects, the application seeks a 3,641.8 sqm supermarket, a boutique office space fronting Aubigny Street and onsite car parking for customers and employees, which involves a two level basement car park with 155 spaces. 

Town planning report prepared by Place Design Group on behalf of the applicant, noted that “the proposed development will fill a demonstrated gap for supermarket provision in this part of Brisbane and improve the community’s access to convenience shopping facilities.”

If approved, the development will create 105 jobs and the finished supermarket and liquor store will have a further 150 ongoing jobs.

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A number of locals welcome the development, noting that Annerley is in need of some investment and commercialisation. One submission stated: “I think this will bring diversity and choice to locals as currently the closest Coles is Greenslopes and the proposed development would sit nicely between two Woolworths. We need other shops and cafes in the precinct, a nice fruit and veg place, florist, coffee shop, bottle shop etc. I can see the value also to people passing through the suburb.”

On the other hand, some seem to be against the proposal. One resident wrote, “Aubigny and Franklin Street are extremely narrow streets with limited parking. If the proposed development proceeds it will increase the amount of traffic considerably on already congested streets. “

For further information, view the full development application at A005376233.