Mapping Brisbane’s Risky Roads for Cyclists: BikeSpot App Offers Insights

Cornwall Street and Annerley Road
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The Cornwall Street and Annerley Road intersection in Annerley now ranks 8th among BikeSpot app users as an unsafe spot for cycling in Brisbane due to the glaring absence of bike lanes in the area.

Since its introduction in October, BikeSpot has captured the opinions of over 4,000 Queenslanders who have highlighted areas they perceive as high-risk for both cyclists and drivers and provided vital insights to road safety.

The community rallied together to transform this problematic intersection to make the area not only safer but more accessible for all, ensuring that pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists can coexist harmoniously. Their vision included reduced speed limits, closing slip lanes, and the creation of safer crossings and dedicated bike lanes.

In March 2023, local MP Amy Macmahon highlighted the pressing need to address the treacherous Annerley Road-Cornwall Street intersection. A headache for motorists and a danger zone for pedestrians and cyclists, this intersection’s issues were poised to escalate with the upgrade of Dutton Park Station. 

A Vision for Safer Roads

The BikeSpot map, which originated in Victoria and has become live nationwide, is not just a tool for identifying problems but a mechanism for catalysing change. It was born in response to the tragic death of cyclist Amy Gillett in 2005. 

Users are encouraged to mark locations they deem in need of improvement, whether it be for narrow lanes, excessive traffic speed, or missing connections. Amy Gillett Foundation Chief Executive Dan Kneipp emphasises the importance of addressing “bad road design” and underscores the app’s potential to guide Brisbane City Council in preparation for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Photo Credit: BikeSpot

Topping the list of danger zones in Brisbane is Sylvan Road in Toowong and it’s followed closely by the intersection of Western Freeway Bikeway and Dean Street, within the same suburb.

Here are the 10 streets cited by the app’s users:

1. Sylvan Rd, Toowong 

2. Western Freeway Bikeway and Dean St, Toowong

3. Dickson St, Wooloowin 

4. Western Freeway Bikeway and Miskin St, Toowong 

5. Wynnum Rd corridor 

6. Kurilpa Bridge, West End

7. Kate St and Witton Rd, Indooroopilly 

8. Cornwall St and Annerley Rd, Annerley 

9. Bicentennial Bikeway and Archer St, Toowong

10. Land St, Toowong

BikeSpot is part of the Australian Government’s Safe Roads for Safe Cycling Program. Its mission aligns with the broader goal of ensuring safer, more accessible roads for all.

Published 22-Dec-2023