Man In Hospital After Multiple Stabbings

Man Hospitalised After Multiple Stabbings

A 46-year-old man sustained multiple stabbings to his chest and abdomen, in a terrifying attack near a service station on Ipswich Road in Annerley.

Princess Alexandra Hospital
Photo Credit: Metro South Health

The man was rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital in a serious condition after the distressing incident on 14 December 2023.

Emergency services swiftly responded to alarming calls, with paramedics arriving at the suburban street to attend to the badly wounded man.

Queensland Ambulance confirmed the severity of the injuries, emphasising abdominal and chest wounds requiring urgent medical attention.

According to a spokesperson from Queensland Police, the injured man was discovered near a service station on Ipswich Road. A significant area, particularly an address on Lambton Street, has been cordoned off as a crime scene, prompting an active investigation by law enforcement officials.

“Investigations are continuing to establish the circumstances of the incident,” stated the Queensland Police spokesperson. No charges have been laid.

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Residents of Annerley are urged to remain vigilant as the Queensland Police work diligently to determine motives and apprehend those responsible for this disturbing assault.

This incident has shaken the local community, prompting a heightened awareness of safety and security in the area. The police reassured residents of their commitment to ensuring the safety of the neighbourhood.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are focused on bringing clarity to the incident and reassuring residents on their safety and security.

Published 28-December-2023