Helios in Yeerongpilly Up for Lord Mayor Business Awards

Photo Credit: Supplied

Helios, the brewing company based in Yeerongpilly, is vying for the highest recognition for businesses in Brisbane as a finalist in the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards under the Environmental Sustainability category.

Since its inception, Helios Brewing Company founder Scott Shomer has always had sustainability in mind with his background as an environmental scientist. Applying his expertise and experience, Mr Shomer was able to develop a sustainable craft beer production using solar power energy. 

Although many businesses utilise solar power, this technology has not been harnessed well in beer manufacture. So, Mr Shomer worked hand-in-hand with solar manufacturers to come up with an innovative and effective sustainable brewing system. 

In addition to going solar, Helios is also using an electric van for deliveries and has been repurposing grain waste from brewing as livestock feeds. Some of these feeds are also prepared as dog treats offered at its bar and brewery along Palomar Road. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Mr Schomer’s initiative has driven Helios to reduce its carbon footprint by 98,807kg or the equivalent of planting 1,831 trees or saving 572,800 litres of water.

“Harnessing the power of the Aussie sun to make our craft beer was just the start of our sustainability goals,” he said. “From minimising waste, reducing our carbon emissions and investing in eco-friendly initiatives, we are continuously pushing our sustainability ambition; we see it as a journey not a destination.”

The Lord Mayor Business Awards recognise the most enterprising and innovative businesses that drive Brisbane’s economy. For 2021, 32 companies have been named as finalists in 11 categories. 

The Urban Utilities Award for Environmental Sustainability in Business honours “companies operating in Brisbane which demonstrate excellence in clean business practices and sustainable resource use, including energy, waste, water and recycling.” 

The awards ceremony will be on Friday, 22 October 2021, at the City Hall.