Fairfield Station Offers Enhanced Accessibility

Fairfield Station Unveils Enhanced Accessibility

Did you know that the modernisation of Fairfield Station is finally complete?

a side-on concept image for the new Fairfield station
Fairfield Station concept photo
Photo Credit: Cross River Rail

As part of the Cross River Rail project, the station’s renovation includes a range of thoughtful enhancements tailored to benefit everyone.

Rubber fingers, strategically placed to bridge the platform-to-train gap, ensure safer boarding and disembarking for commuters.

Complementing this innovation are the newly installed, large through lifts, purposefully designed to accommodate wheelchair users without requiring manoeuvring within the lift. This step significantly fosters inclusivity within our transportation system.

Moreover, raised platforms meticulously aligned with train doors streamline the boarding process. This promises a smoother transition between platform and carriage, benefiting all passengers, irrespective of mobility.

a front-facing concept image for the new Fairfield station
Fairfield Station concept photo
Photo Credit: Cross River Rail

But the upgrades extend beyond functionality. Fairfield Station’s makeover embraces accessibility with tactile and braille signage at station entrances, an additional third platform, and a fresh station building, all meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of our community.

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A standout feature is the brand-new overpass, equipped with lifts, stairs, and a vertical transport system. This not only enhances accessibility but also ensures easier access to the heart of the platforms, simplifying the daily commute for Fairfield residents.

Crafted in collaboration with the Accessibility Reference Group, this transformation reinforces our commitment to inclusivity. Insights from individuals with lived experiences of disability have been pivotal in crafting a station that caters to the needs of all commuters.

Fairfield station’s revamp signifies a significant milestone in the Cross River Rail project. It symbolises a leap towards a more inclusive and accessible public transport system for our community.

Published 14-December-2023