Council Launches Economic Grants For Annerley Shops, Tenants

economic grants

Small businesses are having it rough in this pandemic crisis so the Brisbane City Council has launched two different economic grants to help struggling stores in Annerley and other sites, as well as boost the local economy. Aside from waiving the business licensing fees, the Council is providing the Suburban Shopfront Activation Grant and the Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant.

Suburban Shopfront Activation Grant

Launched in April 2020, the Suburban Shopfront Activation Grant is for both property owners and tenants. The program is designed to limit empty spaces by allowing pop-up occupancy from emerging businesses. 

If you own a building or a site with a vacant space or if you’re a small business entrepreneur who might be interested in running a temporary store, you may apply for this grant and receive $2,000 in funding.  

Only 24 grants will be offered (12 for property owners and 12 for tenants) during this pilot program. Interested parties are encouraged to read through the conditional prerequisites, eligibility and disclaimer carefully before submitting their application. 

Tenants and property owners who shall receive approval will also need to participate in the promotional activities of the Council.

Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants

The Council is extending help to shop owners who might need to do refurbishment and improvements of their facade to entice more customers. The Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant will cover 50 percent of the cost, or a maximum of $5,000, of the exterior improvements to the shopfront.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Interested applications may submit their application until Wednesday 23 Dec 2020. Approved grants will be notified in February 2021. 

However, some shops and shop owners are excluded from this grant if they are:

  • part of a franchise
  • within a shopping centre complex
  • in a property owned or managed by the Council, the State or Federal Government
  • located in the CBD
  • employees or contractual staff of the Council

Applicants must be submitted online but interested parties are encouraged to read through the terms and conditions of the grant before filing. Parties may also call the Council’s Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263) for enquiries about these economic grants.