Art Alert! Come Check Out the Paint Factory in Yeronga

The Paint Factory
Photo credit: Instagram/paint_factory_yeronga

Here’s a visual treat! Visit The Paint Factory, a repurposed factory in Yeronga that has become a haven for artists to express themselves.

The Paint Factory, a new venue that’s shaping up to become one of the biggest hotspots in the art community, provides local artists with avenues to create art in a free and spacious environment. The site has even become a focal point for Yeronga locals, with markets springing up alongside tours and other community events for people to take part in. 

Purchased by the Brisbane-based developer Montague Developments in 2015, the site of The Paint Factory was developed by Stockwell in 2019 to become the thriving venue it is today. Invited artists are free to use the site, which is made up of a grand total of 34,000 square metres of old factories and offices, to broaden their horizons and work on a significantly larger scale. 

Photo credit: Instagram/paint_factory_yeronga

One artist in particular, Gordon Hookey, had remarked that he was working on a large piece that required him to roll it up and unfurl it every time he worked on it before he was invited to come do his work at The Paint Factory. Now, he’s free to staple the canvas to giant walls and begin painting. 

Gordon Hookey.
Photo credit: Instagram/paint_factory_yeronga

As of June 2021, over 20 artists are now based in The Paint Factory, creating a small but tightly-knit community of local artists within the area where they’re free to make masterpieces with spaces to call their own. Photographers and filmmakers would flock to the site to take pictures and record in lively and artistic backdrops for music videos.

The Paint Factory Yeronga can be found at 115 Hyde Rd, Yeronga. For more information, visit their website here. Follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and announcements concerning the factory and its artists.