Cavoodle Scares Off Would-Be Burglars in Yeronga

Featured image of Cavoodle for representation only (Photo credit: Tom McCarten/Pexels)

A group of criminals attempting to break into a Yeronga home earlier this week were thwarted by an unlikely defender – a vigilant Cavoodle. The recent incident has brought attention to rising break-in concerns in the area while highlighting the protective nature of household pets.

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The homeowner was roused by her dog’s uncharacteristically frantic barking, which she described as sounding like “he was losing his mind.” Prompted by the commotion, she checked her security camera footage on her phone, revealing a troubling scene: one intruder entering the front yard, with three accomplices waiting by a getaway car on the street.

The would-be burglar’s plans were quickly derailed by the Cavoodle’s fierce barking. Startled by the noise, the perpetrator hastily retreated. The homeowner also used her smart home technology, activating interior lights via Google Home, which she believes further deterred the intruders.

Photo credit: Obi Onyeador/Pexels

Upon arrival, law enforcement found the Cavoodle still on high alert, reluctant to let officers through the gate – a testament to the dog’s protective instincts.

The homeowner shared her pet’s heroic act on local neighbourhood Facebook groups, where it quickly garnered attention. The post has sparked discussions among residents about a recent uptick in break-ins around Yeronga.

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Photo credit: QPS

According to the Queensland Police Service online crime map, Yeronga has recorded 46 unlawful entries in the past six months, from 10 January to 9 July 2024. Additionally, two cases of trespassing and vagrancy were reported during the same period.

Cavoodles, a crossbreed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, are not typically known for aggression. However, they can display protective behaviours, often barking to alert their owners of visitors or potential threats. The Poodle lineage may contribute to their effectiveness as guard dogs, making them more likely to bark at unwanted guests rather than greet them amiably.

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As investigations continue, this incident serves as a reminder of the unexpected roles our pets can play in home security, and the ongoing need for community vigilance in the face of rising property crimes.

Published 10-July-2024