Brisbane South Secondary College Breaks into Top 150 Queensland Schools

Brisbane South Secondary College
Photo credit: Brisbane South Secondary College/Facebook

Brisbane South Secondary College in Dutton Park has made its debut appearance among Queensland’s top 150 high schools. 

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The 2023 rankings, released by the independent specialist schools website Better Education, placed the college at an impressive 44th position statewide.

Established just two years ago in 2021, Brisbane South Secondary College has quickly risen to prominence, earning a state overall score of 97 percent. 

Photo credit: Brisbane South Secondary College/Facebook

This score, which determines the rankings, is calculated using Year 9 English and Mathematics test results from 2023. The college’s performance is particularly noteworthy as it represents one of 19 new entries in this year’s rankings, catapulting directly into the top 50.

The school’s rapid ascent in educational excellence comes as no surprise to those familiar with its innovative programs. Recently, the college received the 2023 Excellence Award for the Best STEM(M) Program. This recognition stems from their extensive collaboration with distinguished scholars and researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine.

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“We are setting the new standard for education, helping students to realise their desired future and inspire positive change,” the school proudly states on its website. This philosophy is evident in their approach to learning, which reshapes the traditional classroom setting to encourage independent thought.

Special Programs

With approximately 756 students, the school offers several special programs that set it apart. 

Photo credit: Brisbane South Secondary College/Facebook

The “Learner-preneur” program allows students dedicated time each day to explore their passions and purposes, fostering personal growth and self-discovery. 

The Biomedical Science Academy provides tailored STEM(M) programs in collaboration with The University of Queensland, preparing students for future careers in these critical fields.

Photo credit: Brisbane South Secondary College/Facebook

Sports haven’t been neglected in the college’s pursuit of academic excellence. The Australian Football League (AFL) Academy, delivered in partnership with AFL Queensland and the Brisbane Lions, offers students high-quality training and regular participation in AFL Queensland competitions alongside their studies.

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As the school continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it’s clear that this young institution is already making waves in Queensland’s educational landscape.

Published 28-June-2024