Billykart Kitchen Annerley Has New Owners


Billykart Kitchen in Annerley will now be under new management after owners celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue and wife De-Arne Wicks (Dee) agreed to sell their beloved restaurant to focus on their family. 

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Loyal customers of Billykart Kitchen Annerley need not worry because nothing much will change with the restaurant except for the days of operation. The new owners, a young couple from Victoria, want to open the restaurant on Sundays but close on Friday nights. 

It may be hard for Chef Ben to say goodbye to his Annerley restaurant, after almost eight years of running it. But juggling business and family during the pandemic wasn’t an easy feat. He and wife Dee realised the past year highlighted the importance of family. They also thought about the sacrifices they had been making to run the business.

The couple opened Billykart Kitchen in 2013, with hopes of transforming Annerley into a “foodie hub”, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now, the celebrity chef is planning to focus on rebranding Billykart West End, with thoughts of moving away from breakfasts and into a bistro-style lunch and dinner offering.

Chef Ben O’Donoghue (Photo credit: Billykart Kitchen/ Facebook)

Whilst Chef Ben will be busy rebranding the West End location, Dee will take on a part-time admin and events coordinator role with local neuroprotective developmental care business Possums & Co, an organisation that specialises in postpartum care.

Billykart Kitchen in Annerley will remain open for both dine-in and takeaway. Starting 8 August 2021, they will reopen Sunday service and will stop Friday night dinner to focus on providing the best weekend services. Follow them on Facebook for further updates.