Aye For Good Irish Meat at Annerley Meats!

Photo credit: Annerley Meats/ Facebook

Residents looking for the best meat in Annerley all somehow make their way down to Annerley Meats. Locals all know Paul the Butcher, fondly calling him the Sausage King.

This butcher shop offers a range of Irish meats and other grocery items imported from Eire. On weekends, the store can get pretty busy and you may need to line up outside. St Patrick’s Day also sends the shop into a frenzy, with an influx of customers all eager to get their hands on good, quality Irish meat, in keeping with the Irish holiday.

The shop is adorned with Blarney paraphernalia and an interesting collection of bank notes of different denominations across the world.

Fresh sausages, black pudding, cornish pasties, and pork pies are lined up in rows, looking very appetising and very tempting indeed. There is also an array of smoked beef ribs and smoked hams to choose from.

For a daily dose of carnivorous fare, Annerley Meats seems to have it all.