Asian Restaurant Invasion in Annerley: Pho Queue Joins In the Fun

Photo credit: Concrete Playground

Pho Queue is a new Vietnamese spot meant to soothe and warm the insides especially during cool weather has joined sibling restaurants Cafe O Mai and Red Lotus, the Pho Queue in Annerley.

Photo credit: Must Do Brisbane

The exterior of the place screams minimalist and once you take a step inside, a mix of modern and minimalist furniture complements the almost nautical white and navy theme inside. There are tables and chairs to accommodate large and small groups. People can also choose to sit on stools that overlook the kitchen.

What’s so special about the place especially if you’re a fan of pho is that you can build your own bowl of pho. There are five broths to choose from. Once you have selected the perfect broth, you can choose your additions such as rare beef, cooked beef, beef brisket, meatballs, special beef and chicken combination or wagyu eye fillet.

There is also a selection of other Vietnamese soups such as bun bo hue, a spicy beef and pork soup.

Pho Queue also serves Vietnamese slow drip coffee, along with bubble tea.

By December, the restaurant will serve Asian and French-inspired desserts.

Address: Cracknell Rd