New ‘Arts Village’ to Rise at Old Paint Factory Site

Arts Village In Yeronga Paint Factory

Australia will soon have its very first fully integrated Arts Village in the Brisbane southside. Plans are being carried out to turn the old Taubmans factory in Hyde Road into a mixed-use residential and artist hive.

After years of discussing with the community, project manager Paul Hey said that they have come up with a better solution to develop the abandoned factory into The Paint Factory Art Village.

The proposal includes living spaces with art studios for the creatives, as well as an art gallery and event space, educational facilities, microbrewery and coffee roaster, gym and indoor rock-climbing space, artisan market with fresh produce pop-ups, florist and boutique nursery, and large well-manicured landscape and open spaces. 

“Our vision is to revitalise the industrial factory buildings to create an integrated, mixed-use residential project with world-leading creative uses on the site in an open and industrial setting,” the project team stated on the official site

“We will build on this opportunity to create a permanent address that features artists, art galleries, event space, artisans, microbrewers, market operators, coffee roasters, visual artists and other creative professionals, living and working on the site alongside stunning homes, artists-in-residences and large areas of open space.”

The arts village will take inspirations from Brisbane CBD’s The Powerhouse, the Abbotsford Convent in Victoria, the Alte-Spinnerei in Germany and the Wynwood Walls in Miami. 

Photo Credit: The Paint Factory Yeronga
Photo Credit: The Paint Factory Yeronga

Several artists have been using the Taubamans factory as a workspace since it closed more than five years ago. It has become an informal space for experimentation, sharing of ideas and receiving feedback from each other.

But the 3.4 hectares of land is part of an industrial zone, open to buildings, businesses and factories with more roads and access. The developer originally applied for rezoning the site as a residential area with more green, livable spaces but fewer roads and buildings.

Neighbouring businesses apparently opposed to the rezoning, while other locals prefer a community plan that will also consider the future infrastructure of Yeronga.

On 20 July 2020, the developer withdrew the original application and said it will resubmit plans for the Arts Village. 

“Our future, revised development application will be an evolution from the current proposal which responds to the feedback received, particularly from Brisbane’s vibrant arts community for more dedicated creative and gallery spaces. We expect to lodge a new development application in coming weeks, which will include a residential component, along with other complementary artistic uses to regenerate the former industrial site,” Wolter Consulting Group stated.