Annerley & Other Metro South Areas Warned To Avoid Bats As Breeding Season Begins

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The bat breeding season has begun. Metro South Health region residents, such as the residents of Annerley and other southern suburbs, are being warned to avoid contact with bats.

Each year, around 40% of South Brisbane residents are exposed to bites or scratches from bats. Although bats don’t usually approach humans, it is best to stay vigilant at all times. Bats attack when humans try to rescue or pick up distressed bats. Although this seems unavoidable for some people, Metro South Health reminds residents that only vaccinated people who are trained to take care of bats are the ones allowed to handle them.

Bats carry a lyssavirus which belongs to the same group of viruses as rabies and can transmitted from the bite or scratch of an infected animal. Three Australians have died from the virus since 1996. Although this virus is commonly found in injured and sick bats, even healthy bats can be carriers of the virus.

If you come across a sick or injured bat do not touch it. Instead, please contact the RSPCA right away.