Annerley Kerbside Collection: How to Avoid Illegal Dumping Fines

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council/Facebook

No more need for old furniture and small household appliances taking up space in your garage? Prepare to set these up for the scheduled kerbside collection in Annerley on Monday, the 3rd of February 2020. 

Before you put out items for kerbside collection, it’s best to review some of the guidelines below to avoid illegal dumping and raking a fine from the Brisbane City Council. 

1. Stick to acceptable items only.

Remember, the collectors will leave stuff by your kerb if these are not supposed to be in the pile. You’ll have to take this out and clean space within seven days to avoid a fine. 

ACCEPTABLE materials for collection include the following:

  • bath and laundry tubs
  • bicycles and sporting equipment
  • carpet and rugs
  • electronic waste (e.g. televisions and computers)
  • furniture and white goods (e.g. fridges and stoves)
  • small household appliances (e.g. fans and toasters)
  • wood products less than 1.5 metres

If you’re unsure about some of your items, phone the Council 07 3403 8888 to verify. Otherwise, you might need to personally drop off unacceptable stuff at waste reduction and recycling facilities

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council/Facebook

2. Take out sharp objects or manage potentially risky items. 

Sharp objects could hurt people, especially collectors picking up your pile. Items that are too heavy or large could be left behind as well, as these won’t be easy to haul. It’s also recommended to detach the doors of old cupboards, cabinets or refrigerators. Animals or children could be trapped inside and be suffocated of the doors are intact. 

Remember, the Council is not going to collect a kerbside pile beyond two cubic metres or roughly the size of a small box trailer load. 

3. Organise your kerbside pile well. 

Keep everything for collection in one area by the kerb. Scattered items will have more chances of being left out as the collectors need to use their time efficiently to move from house to house. 

Ideally, pile up your stuff on kerbside collection day before 6:00 a.m. and not a few days earlier. This way, you avoid curious neighbours or animals that might rummage through your items and leave things scattered. Also, make sure that your stuff isn’t blocking the road or the footpath.

Be responsible for disposing of your items properly. Every year, thousands of dollars are wasted on illegal dumping cleanups, when the funds could be used for other projects that will benefit the community.