An Annerley Mum’s Courage: Navigating Breast Cancer with Determination and Girl Power

Corrine Kelleher Annerley mum breast cancer
Photo Credit: Supplied/Josh Woning

Corinne Kelleher, a resilient mother from Annerley, draws strength from her daughters as she navigates her battle with breast cancer. Her touching story of courage and determination resonates with thousands as she prepares to participate in the 2024 International Women’s Day Fun Run, proudly presented by Queensland X-ray.

The anticipated event, set to unfold on Sunday, 10th March 2024, will witness a remarkable gathering of 23,000 individuals on the streets of Brisbane. Their collective efforts aim to raise crucial funds for breast cancer services, equipment, and research at Mater Hospital.

While the CBD event is already at capacity, Ms Kelleher invites fellow Queenslanders to partake in virtual fun runs within their communities. This inclusive initiative promotes awareness and fosters solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

Ms Kelleher, 40, candidly shares her journey, describing her initial diagnosis as “scary as hell.” However, her daughters, Harper, aged 7, and Sloane, aged 3, serve as inspiration, propelling her forward with unwavering resolve.

“The girls absolutely inspired me to keep positive, to keep going, and to keep at the forefront of my mind that I can and will get through this,” Ms Kelleher affirmed, reflecting on the unwavering support of her family.

Corrine Kelleher Annerley mum breast cancer
Corinne Kelleher, Steve Kelleher with Harper, 7, and Sloane, 3 pictured at their home in Annerley, Brisbane 6th of February 2024.
Photo Credit: Supplied/Josh Woning

Despite the challenges of treatment, the Annerley mum remains transparent with her daughters about her condition, navigating their inquiries with grace and honesty. She emphasises the importance of raising awareness, particularly among women in her age group who may not undergo routine mammograms.

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Her participation in the fun run marks a personal milestone, symbolizing her commitment to the cause. Alongside her supportive husband, she endeavours to complete the run, buoyed by the cheers of her daughters awaiting the finish line.

Ms Kelleher’s journey underscores the critical role of early detection and intervention in combating breast cancer. Despite the absence of a family history, she underwent extensive treatment, including a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy.

Guided by the expertise of Mater Private Hospital‘s dedicated healthcare professionals, Ms Kelleher remains steadfast in her fight against invasive ductal carcinoma. With six cycles of chemotherapy remaining, she embraces each day with resilience and optimism.

Reflecting on her journey, M. Kelleher acknowledges the profound impact of her support network, including family, friends, and healthcare providers. Her determination to maintain a semblance of normalcy amidst treatment speaks volumes about her strength of character.

Corrine Kelleher Annerley mum breast cancer
Photo Credit: Supplied/Josh Woning
Corinne Kelleher pictured at their home in Annerley, Brisbane 6th of February 2024.

Mater Foundation Chief Executive Andrew Thomas aptly observes that the outpouring of support for the virtual challenge underscores a collective commitment to effecting change. Through grassroots initiatives and community engagement, individuals across Queensland unite in solidarity against breast cancer.

Funds from the event will facilitate groundbreaking research and provide vital support services for breast cancer patients across Mater hospitals statewide. Participants reaffirm their dedication to improving outcomes and fostering hope for those affected by this pervasive disease with each step taken.

For those eager to contribute to the cause, registration for the virtual event remains open at Together, Queenslanders embark on a shared journey of resilience, compassion, and empowerment, epitomizing the enduring spirit of unity in the face of adversity.

Published 4-March-2024