Restrictions Update | Sunday 8 August

Dear Friends and Parishioners,

We have always strived to ensure public Mass is provided as soon as restrictions have made it possible.

There have been several difficulties with the way the current restrictions have been imposed and will be enforced.

We were expecting the 100% ticketed capacity imposed previously when prior lockdowns were lifted, as the Chief Health Officer led us to believe yesterday. However, the State Government has unexpectedly cut permitted capacity limits in half.We now have the problem of having overbooked Sunday Masses and nowhere near enough space or time to allow even those currently booked in to attend.The lockdown restrictions have been given with almost no notice making it impossible for us to be prepared.We have been informed by a reliable source that the police have been instructed to and will be:Heavily enforcing capacity limits in all buildings including churches.Heavily enforcing mask requirements indoors and outdoors, including those with exemptions,

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