Rosary Novena of Reparation

We invite you to join with us in a nine day praying of the rosary for the intention of making reparation for, and requesting protection from the effects of, all desecration of the Most Holy Eucharist and sacrilege against the Mass. This novena is to begin on Monday October 5, run through the feast of the Holy Rosary on October 7, and conclude on October 13 (anniversary of the last apparition at Fatima). 

It is well known that growing interest in the occult leads to increased involvement in satanic groups, and that the most serious consequences can befall individuals without their necessarily being aware of what their involvement can bring about. It is our duty to pray for those caught up in such activities, even if they are fully aware of and fully intend the desecration, sacrilege and blasphemy to which they lend their voices. We pray also for protection from

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