Offenders target homes and vehicles in Seven Hills and Camp Hill

On July 21, residents in the Seven Hills and Camp Hill areas reported a number of incidents where offenders have broken into homes and vehicles and have stolen property.
CCTV and forensic examinations are assisting police with the identification of these unknown persons. These offences have occurred in both the north and south areas of D’Arcy Road between The Promenade and Claudia.
Police are reminding everyone to be mindful of their security, as these offenders have targeted unsecured homes and vehicles in the area.
It is important to take home, vehicle and personal security seriously and to remain vigilant and aware.
By being mindful of your personal security, you could avoid falling victim to opportunistic offenders,
Some things to be aware of:

Lock and secure all external and internal doors and windows when leaving the house
Place vehicle keys in a location that is not easily accessed by offenders
Use key locks to secure security screen doors and

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